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"From day one, since I downloaded your wonderful program, Fake Webcam, I say "Thank You" everytime I share my baby's video with my parents abroad. It's the most useful program I have downloaded. I love it!!!!" - Brian Baker

"It is rare to find software that is compact, efficient, and will work as promised. As an experienced PC user, I must have tried and rejected a dozen or more screen recorder programs, both purchased and free. Webcam Screen Recorder is a keeper! - Peter, Canberra

"You people have my gratitude and adoration for doing this software Fake Webcam. I have wasted so much time and money for lots. I appreciate the chance to use it. Thank you very much." - Fred


Fake Webcam
Play pre-recorded videos on instant messengers and make a fake webcam
Apply tons of cool effects
  put frames and images on Fake Webcam
Webcam and Screen Recorder  
Record activity on full or part of screen  
Record activity in selected windows such....  
Create How to.... demos  
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